Codename Cygnus is an interactive radio drama that uses speech recognition to cast you as the secret agent in a branching story. Use your voice to operate the game on your iPhone/iPad for a high quality acoustic experience of dialogue performance, sound effects, and music.

Play as a secret agent in an interactive fictional world inspired by old time serial radio dramas. Choose between options to accomplish your mission objectives and listen to the drama unfold as characters react to your decisions. Be the type of spy that you want to be in a world of action and intrigue.

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  • Megabooth Selection
    Indie Megabooth
    PAX East
    Boston - March 2014
  • Best Game Audio, Nomination
    Indie Prize Europe
    Amsterdam - Feb. 2014
  • Critics Choice, Top-5 Game
    Indie Prize Europe
    Amsterdam - Feb. 2014
  • Best Free-To-Play Game, Nomination
    Indie Prize Europe
    Amsterdam - Feb. 2014
  • Showcase Selection
    Casual Connect
    Indie Prize
    Amsterdam - Feb. 2014
  • Entertainment Finalist
    Best in Apps
    App Developers Conference
    Los Angeles - Nov.2013
  • Best Sound
    Festival of Indie Games
    Boston - Sept. 2013
  • Minibooth Selection
    Indie Megabooth
    PAX Prime
    Seattle - August 2013
  • Successfully Funded
    Kickstarter project
    $13,943 - July 2013
  • Honorable Mention
    Mass DiGI
    Game Challenge
    Boston - March 2013


Codename Cygnus is a bold stab at truly interactive radio.

Chris Sullentrop, nytimes.com

Now here's an idea I'm glad someone had... I love this idea.

Kirk Hamilton, kotaku.com

All you have to do to create a spy in your own image is listen and respond.

Dave Tach, polygon.com

It’s an interesting concept executed well with amazing production values.

Evan Killham, cultofmac.com

Codename Cygnus has an air of authenticity and quality that is uncommon in iOS-exclusive games.

Lee Hamlet, 148apps.com

...definitely an interesting experiment, and it'll be intriguing to see how the story and the technology develops.

Harry Slater, pocketgamer.co.uk

Known for voicing John Marston in Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption, [Rob] Wiethoff will take on the role of a mysterious man named Lazarus...

Mike Suszek, joystiq.com

All you have to do is close your eyes.

Kill Screen Staff, killscreendaily.com

...it’s one of the most unique games of the year.

Owen Faraday, pockettactics.com

... solid (often humorous) voice acting ... I walked away wanting to hear more.

Landon Robinson, insidegamingdaily.com

..."Codename Cygnus," a voice-only interactive radio play, really stood out as extremely cool...

Chris Charla, Director of ID@Xbox, news.xbox.com

The cast reads like a Who’s Who of game audio talent: Logan Cunningham, whose voice dominated Bastion; Sarah Elmaleh of Skulls of the Shogun and Gone Home...

Dan Griliopoulos, edge-online.com

[Rob] Wiethoff joins a voice cast that includes Logan Cunningham (Bastion), Sarah Elmaleh (Skulls of the Shogun), Chris Ciulla (Fallout: New Vegas), and Chris Rando (Dance Central 3).

Eddie Makuch, gamespot.com

Part casual game, part interactive audiobook, it’s immersive audio storytelling, lacquered in the delicious intrigue of an old-time spy drama...

David Lumb, fastcolabs.com

...novel and exciting enough to warrant a listen, but the time and talent they’ve put into it is the clincher.

Jillian Werner, gamezebo.com

A clear example of using the advantages of the platform...

Colm Ahern, godisageek.com

...playing Codename Cygnus suddenly makes me nostalgic for something I never really experienced until now.

Landon Durnan, bigsushi.fm

This game is definitely worth the money.

Alena Roberts, blindbargains.com

The voice acting that I heard was exceptional...

Chris O'Regan, spong.com

An all-audio Choose Your Own Adventure sounds like my sort of thing...

Ryan Parreno, gameranx.com

Codename Cygnus is a fun, interesting, and exciting iOS app with a difference.

Joe White, appadvice.com

Even a 4K television can’t beat the resolution of your imagination!

Jorge Figueiredo, torontothumbs.com

If you think mobile games are a joke or only a way to pass your time on that dreaded train to work, think again.

Zarmena Khan, pixelenemy.com

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